Enjoy fun outdoor programs and events at the library! Many of our events have rain dates incase of inclement weather. Registration is required when noted. Also view our event calendar online!

Learn More About Our Summer Reading Program!

  • Our Summer Reading Program will have two options:
  • Virtual Program : Sign up virtually on READsquared and enjoy summer reading on our online platform. Read over the summer and choose from a selection of fun and educational games. Also log and review your favorite books throughout our program! Show staff at our desk your online certificate and earn a small prize! If unable to visit the library or need help showing us your certificate, you can also e-mail or call us for assistance! You may also continue the program after finishing if you’d like to earn one of our three larger prizes!
  • In-Person program: Sign-up at JPL for our in-person program starting on June 28th.
  • We will have four different point cards available–choose your favorite design! We’ll keep your card(s) until the end of the program.. Earn one point for each book read. Each card can hold up to ten points. Try to collect all four designs–and read as many books as you’d like! Get a small prize after earning your first ten (10) points. Keep on reading!
  • Our top readers will earn one of three larger prizes!