We love our volunteers! If you would like to donate your time and skills, please reach out to us.

Volunteer service is governed by the following guidelines:

  • A volunteer is a person who performs tasks for the Jamesburg Public Library without wages, benefits or compensation of any kind. Examples include Board members and Friends of the Jamesburg Public Library. There are also service volunteers who do work for the Library and function in ways similar to staff.
  • Volunteers must have a library card at the Jamesburg Public Library or another LMxAC library and their account must be in good standing.
  • Volunteers are recognized by the public as representatives of the library and shall be guided by the same work and behavior codes as employees.
  • Neither the Borough of Jamesburg nor the Library provides any medical, health, accident or worker’s compensation benefits for any volunteer.
  • Prior to volunteering, applicants must complete an application for volunteer work.
  • All work performed by volunteers is to be supervised by library staff
  • The number of volunteers accepted is based upon the amount of work and supervisory time allocated and needed.
  • Volunteers must follow all library policies and procedures, especially those relating to confidentiality of library records. Failure to maintain confidentiality will result in immediate termination of the volunteer.
  • Volunteers must sign in and out anytime they volunteer at the Library.
  • Should a volunteer have a grievance with a staff person, another volunteer or library patron, every attempt will be made to handle the situation through the Library Director.
  • Volunteer status is solely at the discretion of the Jamesburg Public Library.