How to Get a Library Card

Adult residents of Jamesburg are entitled to a Jamesburg Public Library card. New patrons must show two forms of identification when applying for a card. This includes a photo ID and proof of residence. Proof of residence may be a driver’s license, a tax/utility bill, or any document prepared by an officially recognized organization which states the applicant’s name and address. Patrons must be present to receive a library card.

Additional Types of Library Cards:

  • Juvenile: Children of Jamesburg, under the age of 18, must have a parent’s signature on their application to register. If a juvenile’s library card accrues $5 or more in library fines, the account of their parent/guardian will be penalized.
  • Non-Resident: Anyone who is NOT a resident of Jamesburg may purchase a library card for $30 per year.
  • Works in Town: Anyone working in the Borough of Jamesburg may apply for a “Works in Town” library card, provided that they show proof of employment in the form of a pay stub from their employer.

Patron Statement of Responsibility

All library card holders will:

  • Accept responsibility for any use of their library card and agree to abide by library policies and procedures
  • Present their library card for all account transactions
  • Pay for all lost or damaged materials and pay all fines and fees incurred on their card
  • Report lost or stolen cards immediately
  • Report changes of name, address, phone number and email promptly
  • Accept responsibility as parent/guardian for all fees, lost or damaged items on their child’s library cards until 18 years of age
  • Comply with renewal procedures when privileges expire, by showing photo ID and proof of residence or employment. At the time of renewal, all fines and fees must be paid in full.
  • Acknowledge that fines for overdue items will be charged for each day the library is open. The maximum fine for each item is $5. Lost or damaged items will be billed at replacement cost.
  • Acknowledge that borrowing privileges will be suspended if the patron accrues more than $5 in fines.
  • Upon notification, the library will block a lost card number and issue a new card. Once a card is reported lost, that card number cannot be reinstated. Lost library cards will be replaced for a fee of $2.00.