Board of Trustees



The Board of Trustees is the governing body for the Jamesburg Public Library. The Board establishes policies and long-term goals for the Library; oversees the general operation of the Library; initiates and oversees the budget process; promotes and advocates for the library in the community.


Paul Bouzane
Peter R. Godfrey
Ella Filson
Holly Faas
Joseph A. Valdes
Amy Pratico
Jennie Ludas
Samantha Rampacek
Rosemarie Spillane


Board of Trustees
Meeting Schedule, 2018
Month Date Alternate Date
January 22 29
February 19 26
March 19 26
April 16 23
May 21 28
June 18 25
July 16 23
August 20 27
September 17 24
October 15 22
November 19 26
December 17 21

Any inquiries can be directed to the Library, 732-521-0440.
Meetings begin at 7 pm in the Madeline Herche Memorial Room.
All Meetings are open to the public.

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