As of 2/10/21, we are only offering Door-Side Pickup services. Faxing, printing, copies, and computer-use will be available until further notice.

Frequently Asked Questions about Door-Side and More… :

How do I reserve my books?

You can reserve your books with our online catalog. Please call if you reserve your books online, in order to make an appointment for a pick-up date. Alternatively, you may also reserve your book, as well as make an appointment via phone.

How do I pick up my books?

Call us or knock on the door when you arrive during your appointment time. Once you arrive, we will check-out your items and bring them to you!

Where can I return my materials? Can I return materials from other libraries to Jamesburg?

Please return all Jamesburg materials back to JPL in our dropbox, which is located outside our front entrance.

When will the library fully open?

The library is working with the town and listening to guidance from the CDC and government, in order to determine our full re-opening date, as well as procedures.

Are you accepting donations?

We are not accepting donations at this time, but thank you for thinking of us!

I do not have a cell-phone. What should I do?

Please call us from your home phone before your appointment. Knock on the door when you arrive!

How is the Library Taking Safety Precautions During This Time?

Jamesburg Public Library is following guidelines from the CDC and state. All materials which are returned to the library are quarantined for three -four days before being processed. You will not be fined for books in quarentine, but please give us three-four days to return and process your items. Staff will wear masks and patrons who are above the age of two are also required to wear masks. New Jersey’s COVID-19 webpage offers additional information and guidelines on wearing masks.

Will the library offer printing services?

Printing services will be unavailable until further notice, but we are looking into nearby alternatives and locations.

Will the library have computers available?

Computer-use will be unavailable until further notice. However, our staff can recommend nearby locations. We do have a wi-fi hotspot, which works outside of the library when the building is closed to the public.